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    Supporting Your Dreams with Classic Style and Innovative Design. We bring you the industry leading Quality you Deserve for the most comfortable nights’ sleep you’ll enjoy.    
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What We Offer

We take pride in workmanship because our name goes on every mattress we make. Our customers tell us our handmade mattresses consistently deliver a great night’s sleep. We will always bring you the Classic Style and Innovative Technology to delivery the most peaceful and restorative sleep you can achieve.
Restonic is the “go to” brand for retailers who are looking for a bedding partner who is more responsive and provides greater value, because our retailers’ success is our top priority
Our company is driven by the common belief that no person’s input, ideas, efforts and presence is unimportant. We value each and every person’s contribution to our goals, objectives, customer relations and contact with those outside of Sleep Products. We believe that everyone is responsible for the success of the company and therefore should benefit from that success. Respect for every individual, honesty in our dealings with each other and commitment to our objectives and accepting personal responsibility for our actions are the guiding principles.
  • Brand Strategy 80%
  • Product Marketing 75%
  • Timely & Dependable Delivery 100%

Innovative Products

Comfort Care Limited & Signature

Cradle your body in heavenly serenity with the artful blending of old world craftsmanship and new world technology. Rest, rejuvenate and revive your mornings with one of our ComfortCare® mattresses.

TEMPAGEL HealthRest®

Invest in your health with one of Restonic’s HealthRest® TempaGel or Latex Mattresses. Enjoy a cool, refreshing and hygienic sleep experience, night after night after night.

Dream Adjustable Bases

Improve your Dreams by adding one of our Made in the USA, Dream or Conforma Adjustable Bed Bases to your luxurious mattress. Find your perfect sleeping position to optimize your comfort.

Our Story

A family owned and operated business was founded in 1958, within the heart of the midwest – Louisville, Kentucky, to deliver industry leading quality and innovation. A great Mattress, Foundation and Adjustable Bed Base company continues to deliver the best quality to our customers every day, after a move across the Ohio River to New Albany, Indiana in 1978. Today, we continue to provide our customers the newest technological advances in the sleep industry, while maintaining an unparalleled commitment to quality and direct support for our customers throughout the region and the United States.

What kind of customers do you work with?

Our size fits all. For the family owned, one store location to the large city, regional, or national multi-store organization, we’ll be there for you. You’ll see your overall sales increase and your delivery headaches disappear.

What is your turn around time?

We pride ourselves on bringing you the right product when you want it. Our standard delivery time: when you order, we’re there on the fourth day, simple. For example, if your order day is Monday, we’ll see you Thursday with all the products you ordered. We have some shorter delivery cycles, but no longer ones.

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